Moroccan Currency Design


The Moroccan currency redesign reflects Morocco’s history and culture. Muhammad V is the face of the twenty dirham because of his leadership in gaining Morocco its freedom. The mandala, a common art symbol of Moroccan culture is in the background to serve as one of the security patterns for the currency. Written above Muhammad V is Morocco’s national motto, ‘God, Homeland, King’, which is also written on their national seal. The right third of the bill contains the official documentation of the currency with a mosaic tile security pattern.

On the back of the currency, a silhouette of Morocco lays behind the mosque to further show national pride. The words Bank Al-Maghrib are written in English at the top of the currency with ‘20 Dirham’ written under it. On the right hand side of the currency is a second security strip of mandalas. The mandala is a very popular symbol and means unity in the Moroccan culture. The left third portion of the bill is almost a perfect reflection of the front side of the bill with the same mosaic security pattern in the background. The Moroccan currency is formatted using the golden ratio spiral. The golden ratio is commonly found in nature and most aspects of our life.


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