Chovanec Lager Label Design

Chovanec Lager Beer Seriesunnamed-1Chovanec LagerChovanec Lager

The Chovanec Family wants a beer bottle designed that will highlight their Czech roots from before the 1930’s. A famous Czech graphic designer, Alphonse Mucha, had a very strong influence on the Art Nouveau period in the 1920’s and 30’s. Mucha designed a series of four paintings (‘Spring’, ‘Summer’, ‘Fall’ and ‘Winter’) called ‘The Seasons’. The design and flavors of the beer bottle series will be based off of Mucha’s ‘The Seasons’.

The typography of Chovanec Lager will draw inspiration from aspects of Art Nouveau. ‘Chovanec Lager’ will have emphasis on line and shape. For example, the ‘A’ will have an exaggerated slanted stroke. The ‘R’ will have a circular counter. The secondary type will be a simple sans serif as to not take away from the surrounding flourished graphics. The flavors of the different beers are named after the different seasons in Czech. Since most people can’t read Czech, a description of the flavor is written underneath the flavor.

Surrounding the main logo of each label, there are different decorative flowers that pertain to the flavor, or season, of beer. Each beer also has a different color scheme that is inspired by Mucha’s ‘The Seasons’. The secondary label around the bottle’s neck shows the government warnings, alcohol laws and bar-code.


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