CocoRose Pattern Design

CocoRose Pattern Displaycocorose_aerialviewfinalpattern_featherfinalpattern_flowerChic Chevron Pattern

There will be three unified patterns that will be used on different platforms to make a cohesive and identifiable collection. To emphasize the feminine and light-hearted attributes of CocoRose, watercolor will be the unifying medium, as well as pastel colors. 

The first pattern, called Fly Away To Coco, mimics the CocoRose logo, a feather. The analogous colors of the pattern complement each other. The background of the pattern is a cool blue that is similar to the color of gift bags CocoRose gives to customers at point of purchase.

The second pattern, Flower Power, is a floral print. Many of the clothes CocoRose sells have floral prints and it is characteristic of the brand. The watercolor flowers appear to be placed sporadically as to coincide with the light-hearted and carefree persona of CocoRose.

The third pattern is called Chic Chevron. This pattern not as feminine as the first two. The chevrons are a more universal and familiar pattern to cater to a larger demographic of just not ‘girly girls’. The pattern is still connected to the first two through media (watercolor) and color.


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