Ladurée Musée de Macarons Logo and Website Design


Ladurée Musée de Macarons LogoLadurée Musée de Macarons Website Design

Laduree Presents Musee de Macarons
Landing Page
Musee Information
Information Page
Macaron Gallery
Macarons Flavor Page
Contact Laduree
Contact Page

Ladurée’s brand is very eccentric and whimsical. The museum exhibition will be called Musée de Macarons, since Ladurée was created in Paris, France. The logo for the museum exhibition encapsulates the brand with its flourished double M’s, which stands for Musée de Macarons. The M’s mimic the swirls of Ladurée’s framed logo as well as the trays Ladurée uses for their macaroon towers. Written underneath the monogram are the actual words of the museum in a serif typeface called Cochin.

The website for Musée de Macaron is a single scrolling website with an anchored navigation bar at the top. There are four small sections of the museum website since this is only a temporary exhibition. The home page showcases the logo with four short articles underneath to give the viewer more information about the museum. As the user scrolls down, they will be able to view the gallery information, more details about the upcoming flavors and the contact information of the exhibit.

Throughout the website are painted macaroons. Since the actual flavors are a surprise, the watercolor macaroons offer an even bigger sense of whimsy and mystery to Ladurée’s new flavor release. Different variations of the painted macaroons also mimic Ladurée’s main homepage to connect the brand to the new exhibit.


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