She Speaks in Beauty Book Design

Walter Foster Publishing wants the book to be a timeless gift for preteens and older adults. To feel more personal both demographics, a hand-lettering typeface is used for the title, ‘She
Speaks in Beauty’. All age demographics can relate to the personal connection of a hand-lettered message. The subtitle of the book, ‘Quotes to Empower and Inspire’ uses a hand-written as well.

To appeal to the female demographic, hand-painted flowers are illustrated on the book’s cover. It is evident that each illustration was individually painted with care  and this will add to the idea of the book being a timeless keepsake Generations of all kinds can appreciate the hand-made characteristics of this design. The flowers will also appear throughout the pages of ‘She Speaks in Beauty’ to unify the book as a whole.

The hand-lettering fonts and illustrations paired with the soft color palette appeal to the target demographic of 12 year old girls, as well as the secondary demographic of older females. ‘She Speaks in Beauty’ is a wholesome and empowering keepsake that women of all ages will want to keep forever.


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