Taco ‘Bout It Logo, Packaging Design and Menuboard

taco_papelpicado_purpleToGoBag MockupTaco 'Bout It MenubaordTaco 'Bout It Menuboard

The Packing District’s new taquería will serve food quickly as well as be reasonably priced for any consumer. To keep with the fun, hip vibes of the Packing House, the taquería will be called Taco ‘Bout It. The restaurant’s name represents the liveliness and enthusiasm of the desired branding. Taco ‘Bout It will serve food not unlike a taco truck. The service will be delightful and quick and people will be coming back for the energetic branding and delicious tacos.

To encapture the personality of Taco ‘Bout It, a hand-written font was chosen as the logotype. Taco ‘Bout It’s logotype is a uniquely drawn typeface that is inspired by the font Mayton (found on DaFont). The logotype’s flowing letters slightly bounce to portray a carefree vibe.

Although Taco ‘Bout It is a modern and trendy take on Mexican food, it is still important to the restaurant to sell authentic tasting food. Mexican heritage is an important part of Taco ‘Bout It’s brand identity. To touch on the heritage, the logotype will be placed in papel picados. Papel picados will also be displayed throughout the restaurant to mirror the logotype. Papel picados are an important part of Mexican tradition and are used in celebratory times such as holidays, weddings, baptisms and birthdays. Taco ‘Bout It wants their customers to and enjoy and celebrate their delicious food and papel picados are the perfect way to encompass that feeling.

The menuboard is a great example of how the logotype and papel picados will be designed together. The menuboard, which is 5 ‘ by 6’ will be placed above the cashier’s desk so that people standing in line can read it from a distance. A white version of the logotype will be placed at the top of the black menuboard. The contrasting white and black design will make the bright colors of the papel picados even more apparent. Taco Bout’s menu has three main sections, which include sides, tacos and drinks. Each section is headlined by a different colored papel picado to make it easier to identify which category is which. The menu items are written in Corbel and are in white, bolded text. There is a description written under each food item to help the customer make their user experience easier. The menuboard is decorated with design aesthetics from the papel picados to appeal to the fun vibes of Taco ‘Bout It. The menuboard reflects Taco ‘Bout It’s branding and aesthetic through its colors and flourishes.


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